HTZYC is dedicated to building high quality and functional websites with successful, tailor made marketing campaigns attached in order to deliver the best possible service in the industry. The company was built from the ground up with these three values in mind: Quality, transparency and empathy. It is important in this industry to be entirely open and honest with your client while maintaining realistic ideals and goals.

We pride ourselves on building great websites and love managing quality campaigns for our clients. Our ethos is that if we take good care of our clients, not only will they succeed in their business but they will grow with us and help us to succeed also. HTZYC is not worried about pulling in quick and easy deals. For us it is all about finding the right client, taking the time to build up a level of trust and following through with all of our promises. Repeat business is great business and if our clients are happy with us then they will be more than willing to pass us on to friends and family too.

HTZYC was established in 2012 by childhood friends Chris and Jessica in Sydney, Australia. Growing up, Chris was always a bit of a computer whiz and took great interest in coding at a very young age, whereas Jessica had a passion for art and design. They decided to put their talents to work and join forces by creating a business of their own, helping others build their dreams and actualise their goals.