Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is quite frankly one of the most effective and viable forms of marketing available to businesses today. While there has been a great deal of speculation and confusion surrounding SEO since its inception, it is fast becoming more and more transparent as time goes by.

One of the fundamental features of SEO that makes it such an important tool is how easy it is to track and measure your statistics and how many people you are actually reaching. If you consider an advert in a newspaper – there is no real tangible way of finding out exactly how many people your advertisement has reached. You can guestimate roughly how many papers are sold over x amount of time, however even after that you must consider how many of those people even bothered to read the ad.

With Search Engine Optimisation you are able to track various movements and statistics through certain tools search as ‘Google Analytics’ which offers an incredibly in depth and comprehensive analysis of the traffic going through your website, from what sources, searching which phrases etc.

Another great feature about SEO is that the longer you invest and the more work that goes into your campaign, the more it will begin to snowball in the long run and start generating more and more business. Many people are put off from the start as they are expecting instantaneous results, however if you are to hang in there and wait patiently you will soon notice your rankings climb and the hits rolling in.

The best way to look at SEO is like a marathon, and the thing is there are many competitors out there who have a head start to if you want to catch up you best get your running shoes on and get a jog on.

One of the drawbacks with Search Engine Optimisation is the sheer volume of companies out there that do not have the resources to achieve the results that they promise and for the most part, many companies practise poor SEO. They are more concerned about closing the deal and getting the initial investment in the bank as opposed to structuring realistic campaigns that are designed to last and succeed. For most, it is simply a numbers game which it why there are so many businesses out there that have had a poor experience in the past and have lost all faith in the marketing technique all together.

Finding the right company to work with you is no easy task as you will undoubtedly rarely go a full business day without receiving a cold call from some marketing agency trying to hook you up and promising the world to you on a place at an incredibly discounted rate. If you’ve been ‘burned’ before though you’d still like to give it another shot then perhaps you should try and find a local business in your area. SEO Company Sydney is a great place to start your search!